Dispute or Fraud Resolution

Disputed or Fraudulant Debt

Disputes over a debt may range in cause from an inaccurate balance due to interest charges, a non-recorded payment, an NSF check, a mis-applied payment or a host of other reasons. In some cases, it is simply a consumer’s perception that the balance “doesn’t seem right”.

Most of the time, the stated “amount to be paid” is in fact accurate and correct; however, valid disputes do exist. In the case of a valid dispute, the amount of the balance “in dispute” is usually not the entire debt but rather a portion of the balance.

If you never opened an account with a specified creditor or never made any of the charges, you could be a victim of a clerical error, or worse….identity theft or fraudulent activity. Although rare, fraudulent activity is on the rise. That’s why it is always best to maintain your statements, payment amounts and payment dates in an organized and secure fashion.

Whether you have a dispute or if you believe the entire debt is not yours, we will notify the specific creditor that we represent by forwarding them the dispute details that you supply.

Using the simple on-line form below, please fill out the information requested and e-mail it to our support desk.  We will help you get BACK on TRACK!

Disputed or Fraudulant Debt
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To resolve the un-disputed portion of this debt please continue to log-in to Back on Track or contact our office for assistance at 844-488-4862